mon dieu des poneys!!! Les chaussures!!! non c’est pas too much!!! je meurs là!! c’est très dorothy je suis fa8!!!!Pfiou&#n230; je me reprend ;) Tous les tee-shirt sont géniaux, je sais pas si j’arriverai à en choisir un!!! grrrr

I purchased the facial serum, spot treatment and the cooling eye gel. tonight is the first time i am trying these products. i’m currently using the Estee Lauder’s Idealist Illuminating Serum. So, I tried out the Nuance serum, it felt really great on my skin and very moisturizing. However, after a minute of applying the serum, I got a ras;0#823&hthat is almost a centimeter long. What should I do? Should I keep trying it out??

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